Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Natural Habitat

When we were putting the book together we weren't sure of the exact page count so I put together a few extras to have in reserve. Here is one I liked that didn't make it in:

Our Natural Habitat

The American Museum of Natural History is where we come for inspiration, and where the Art Director explains the difference between Crocodiles and Caimans, T-Rexes and Allosauruses, and wonders why they have a stupid Apatosaurus instead of a Brachiosaurus.


Linda Coldwell said...

Okay, the AMNH IS pretty cool, but at the Sam Noble Museum in Norman, OK we have Saurophaganax maximus, the coolest and fiercest of all the Jurassic predators. Like an Allosaurus on steroids! AND we have the world's tallest dinosaur: Sauroposeidon proteles: 60 feet tall. Waaaaaaay cooler than a stupid old brachiosaurus.


The Beaudoins said...

I bought the book for my brother in law, who was one of the animators for the Planetarium film at the museum right now.
He was in love. So happy to hear you love his work as well!