Friday, April 9, 2010


The Brief (From Facebook contest winner Kelsey Quiring): A pirate puppy on a pirate ship. And he caught a colorful fish in the ocean. And there's lots of blood.
The Critique (From TAD as usual): Well I was wondering, why did he catch a butterfly fish? Why didn't he catch a goldfish? You should draw it like: blood streaming down the butterfly fish.  Where's the blood? I want there to be a bit more blood. I want there to be like blood streaming down and dripping.
Job Status: Approved
Artist's Request: Please keep your feet off the painting.
Additional Comments: How's the pirate going to get that alligator off the ship? Probably stick his hook right through his heart.  I hope the puppy wins.  Can you draw some more blood streaming down? Please?


katka.g said...

That's one bloodthirsty TAD there :)

Rainforest Gardener said...

I would have to agree with your client. It definitely needs more blood, and perhaps the alligator distracts from the central theme. Just kidding, its great.

Sarah Louise Upjohn said...

Your little girl is my hero.

Bill Z said...

I don't share much of what goes on online with her but I will pass along that last comment -- thanks Sarah Louise!

Leah said...

I think you should add "blood" to the tags ;)