Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Plains

The Brief: Some animals in Africa

The Critique:
"You already showed me it. Why didn't you keep the rhino in?"
"Because I didn't like the rhino."
"I want the Rhino!"
"Aside from the Rhino, what do you think?"
"All I care about is the Rhino."
Job Status: Rejected


Katja said...

Totally love this one. If TAD doesn't want i, I'll have it!

Shiny New Allotment Holder said...

Harsh, but true. The TAD is spot-on, the rhino is absolutely key to any african animal-scape. I salute the TAD.

Rita said...

Love it!!!

Connor said...

You probably should have expected this response. Gotta have the rhino, and you certainly can't dangle it out there and then snatch it away like that.